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St. Thomas a Becket Church

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Size and Location.

Amenities.  Updated - 09 Apr 2015

About the Church.  Updated - 09 Apr 2015

Ministry Arrangements.  Updated - 22 Dec 2014

Tilshead Church Services.  Updated - 04 Feb 2016

Tilshead Church Committee.  Updated - 30 Oct 2015

Annual Report 2014.  Updated - 30 Oct 2015



Size and Location

Tilshead is a village of some 140 houses and 350 souls, situated on the main A360 Salisbury to Devizes road and completely surrounded by military training land.  There are a number of sites of botanical, scientific and archaeological interest in the area.

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Amenities  Updated - 09 Apr 2015

We have a Voluntary Aided Church of England primary school with over 40 children on roll.  There is an active Parents' Association.  Most of the children move on to Lavington School near Devizes.  Both the Village Hall and the small but well-used playing field are run by a committee of volunteers and are the venues for much of the social life of the village.  We have a post office, a garage with a shop, and a public house.

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About The Church  Updated - 09 Apr 2015

The ancient and beautiful Grade 1 Church of St Thomas à Becket was built in c 1100 AD so has stood in Tilshead for over a thousand years.

An extensive programme of repairs and redecoration was carried out during 2011, and as a result the architect's 2012 Quinquennial Inspection report showed the church building to be in good condition.  The Ministry of Defence is our Lay Rector, and is therefore responsible for repairs to the chancel, and there is a well-supported and active Friends of Tilshead Church which helps with the maintenance of the fabric of the church.

The church is cleaned and decorated by a rota of volunteers, many of whom are not regular churchgoers.  We are lucky to have a very good Willis pipe organ and an exceptionally gifted organist.

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Ministry Arrangements  Updated - 22 Dec 2014

The Rector of the Salisbury Plain Benefice is The Reverend Eleanor Rance, who is assisted by an Associate Priest, The Reverend David Walters, and a retired priest, The Reverend Canon Ian Chisholm. Contact details are as follows:

The Reverend Eleanor Rance   Tel : 01980 620580Email :

The Reverend David Walters  Tel : 01980 620038Email :

The Reverend Canon Ian Chisholm Tel : 01980 620579 Email :

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Tilshead Church Services  Updated - 04 Feb 2016

January 2016 - March 2016

  3rd - Epiphany 10.30 a.m. Family Communion
  10th - Baptism of Christ 4.00 p.m. Evening Prayer (CW)
  17th - Epiphany 2 4.00 p.m. Holy Communion (BCP)
  24th - Epiphany 3   No Service
  31st - Epiphany 4   No Service
  7th - Sunday before Lent 10.30 a.m. Family Communion
  14th - Lent 1 6 p.m. Evening Prayer (CW)
  21st - Lent 2 6 p.m. Holy Communion (BCP)
  28th - Lent 3   No Service
  6th - Mothering Sunday / Lent 4 10.30 a.m. Family Communion
  13th - Passion Sunday / Lent 5 6 p.m. Evening Prayer (CW)
  20th - Palm Sunday 6 p.m. Reflection for Holy Week
  24th - Maundy Thursday   No Service
  25th - Good Friday   No Service
  27th - Easter Day 9.30 a.m. Easter Service

Click to read the full Benefice Services Calendar at the 

Salisbury Plain Benefice Website..

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Tilshead Church Annual Report 2014  Updated - 30 Oct 2015

The parishes of Chitterne, Orcheston, Shrewton and Tilshead were merged on 1st January 2014 to form the Salisbury Plain Benefice, a single ecclesiastical parish with one Parochial Church Council (PCC).  However the four constituent villages each retained a local church committee to attend to matters of local concern. These are subcommittees of the PCC. The Members of the Tilshead Church Committee can be found below on this page.

Click to read the Annual Report 2014.

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Tilshead Church Committee  Updated - 30 Oct 2015

The Members of the Committee are :

Chairman   The Reverend Eleanor Rance

Churchwarden   vacancy

Secretary   Ewart Grant

Treasurer   vacancy

Deanery Synod Rep    Gillian Goldsmith

Elected Members    Claire Cooper, Vix Mackay

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