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The first issue of The Tilshead Newsletter was published in September 2001. It is a monthly A4-sized magazine which is distributed free of charge to all households in the Tilshead area and to a number of ex-residents outside the village. It is also available in local shops.

From its tentative beginnings (the first few issues were printed on a home photocopier then collated and stapled by hand by members of the Newsletter Team) it has grown to over 60 pages a month. It includes articles of entertainment or general interest to the community and the news and views of village people as well as such factual information as bus times, refuse collection days, church services and reports from the various village organisations. There is a monthly "Pic of the Month" competition, and the winning child's drawing is printed on the cover of the following month's issue.

The Tilshead Newsletter consistently comes in the top 10% of entries for the National Parish Magazine Awards, and a few years ago came third out of over 500 entries in the "Best Content" section.

The Tilshead Newsletter is run entirely by unpaid volunteers, and printing costs and other expenses are covered by advertising revenue. It receives no funding from the Parish Council or any other body, and indeed makes a small surplus which enables it to make occasional grants to projects which benefit the village.

Advertisements are welcomed, for which the deadline is the 10th of the month preceding publication. Advertising costs are very reasonable, especially as The Tilshead Newsletter enjoys a readership far wider than the village itself. Our existing advertisers have reported excellent results from their advertisements in The Tilshead Newsletter, and many of those who booked into the first editions are still with us.

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