Tilshead Parish Council

The Tilshead Parish Council has 7 members elected to serve a term of 4 years.   The Council meets, regularly, on the second Tuesday of the Month, at 7.00 p.m.  The Annual Parish Meeting is normally held every March and the Annual General Meeting normally convenes every April.

All Meetings, unless otherwise advised, are held in the Village Hall.  At the commencement of Council meetings, there is a period of up to thirty minutes reserved for the public to raise matters and question the Council.  Due to the regulations, the public cannot participate in the deliberations of the Council during the closed session.

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Councillors  Updated - 30 Nov 2016.

Council Minutes. Updated - 01 May 2017

News.  Updated - 30 Sep 2016
Mobile Library Timetables
Abusive calls claiming to come from Wiltshire Council

Planning Applications.  Updated - 22 Dec 2014

Councillors  Updated - 30 Nov 2016

Brian PeatyChairperson

Robert LeachmanFinance Officer

Adam Harris Floods and Highways Officer

Gillian Goldsmith

Judith Moore

Debbie Potter

Andrew Reed

The Clerk of the Parish Council is Mrs. Trudie James.

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Parish Council Minutes  ~  2017  Updated - 01 May 2017

Approved Minutes will be posted here.   The Minutes are not recognised as an official record of the meeting until approved by the Council, which typically happens at the following meeting.

Council Meeting - February 2017

No Council Meeting - January 2017

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Planning Applications

Planning Applications searches are available at:

Wiltshire Council Website.

News  Updated - 30 Sep 2016

Mobile Library Timetables

From Rebecca Bolton, Outreach Services Manager - Wiltshire Libraries :
Mobile libraries are popular with many in rural communities but we would very much appreciate your help to promote the service to as many residents as possible to ensure the service continues to be well used.

The links below show the stops for each day on the timetable. By clicking on the list of locations the dates for visits over the next 6 months will be listed:

North Mobile library stops.

South Mobile library stops.

Abusive calls claiming to come from Wiltshire Council

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