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Parish Council Meeting.  Updated - 01 May 2017

SPTA Newsletter - May 2017.  Updated - 01 May 2017

Shrewton Oil Sheiks.

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Tilshead Parish Council  Updated - 01 May 2017

7.00 p.m. in the Village Hall
All are welcome

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Salisbury Plain Training Area - Newsletter  Updated - 01 May 2017

Click to read the May 2017 Newsletter.

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Shrewton Oil Sheiks!  Updated - 30 Sep 2016

Buying Club to synchronise purchasing Fuel Oil at reduced prices.

Very good discounts from heating oil suppliers. Anyone in the Shrewton, Tilshead, Orcheston and Chitterne areas is welcome to join the group and there is no charge for this service.

Interested in saving money on your oil ? Then email Mike Badham-Thornhill at with your address and a contact phone number.

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Contact Us!

You can email the Content Administrator.  When your mail program opens, please delete the letters in capitals from the address in the To field.  This is an attempt to reduce the level of Spam mail.  Thank you.

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About the Tilshead Website

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